Glass Charms


Pandora Blue Bloom Murano Glass Charm 791666


Murano glass and sterling silver recreate nature’s beauty on this hand-finished charm. The striking ..

Pandora Cerise Heart Glass Charm 791664pcz


This innovative and beautiful charm combines cerise pink Murano glass, sterling silver and heart-sha..

Pandora Dark Purple Shimmer Murano Charm 791663


Iridescent purple hues that change depending on the viewing angle imbue this faceted Murano glass de..

Pandora Disney, Anna'S Signature Colour Murano Charm 791645


Inspired by the royal purple colour worn by Anna in the film Frozen, this captivating charm is craft..

Pandora Disney, Ariel'S Signature Colour Murano Charm 791641


Crafted from authentic Italian Murano glass, this delightful charm, in a soft shade of teal, is insp..

Pandora Disney, Aurora'S Signature Colour Murano Charm 791658


With its rich iridescent pink shade, this attractive Murano glass charm is inspired by Aurora’s dres..

Pandora Disney, Cinderella'S Signature Colour Murano Charm 791640


The striking blue colour of this Murano glass and sterling silver charm is inspired by the ballgown ..

Pandora Disney, Classic Minnie Murano Charm 791634


A stunning example of fine PANDORA craftsmanship, this sweet Murano glass charm is filled with colou..

Pandora Disney, Elsa'S Signature Colour Murano Charm 791644


Pay tribute to sisterhood with this stunning pastel blue fluorescent Murano glass charm. Inspired by..

Pandora Floating Locket Pendant Charm 792144cz


This innovative locket pendant charm in sterling silver and sapphire crystal glass lends vintage fla..

Pandora Flower Garden Murano Charm 791652


Like a watercolour painting, a beautiful miniature garden is captured in multi-hued layers of pink, ..

Pandora Iridescent Blue Faceted Glass Murano Charm 791646


Celebrate winter's frosty beauty with this amazing charm by PANDORA, crafted from iridescent blue Mu..

Pandora Kisses All Around Glass Murano Charm 796598


Cute and kissable lips decorate this intricately hand-finished charm in Murano glass and sterling si..

Pandora Mint Glitter Glass Murano Charm 791669


Stimulate your senses and your bracelet styling with this Murano glass and sterling silver charm. Mi..

Pandora Pink Bloom Murano Glass Charm 791665


A unique floral pattern glows from within pink Murano glass on this hand-finished sterling silver ch..

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