Birthstone Earrings


Pandora April Droplets Stud Earrings 290738rc


April birthstone stud earrings showcase clear rock crystals. The luminosity and inner radiance of th..

Pandora August Droplets Stud Earrings 290738pe


August birthstone stud earrings are adorned with peridots. These olive green gemstones feature the s..

Pandora Bright Hearts Hoop Earrings 287231nrpmx


Perfect for every occasion, these heart-shaped hoops in PANDORA Rose add a dose of love to your lobe..

Pandora December Droplets Stud Earrings 290738nlb


December birthstone stud earrings are luminous with London blue crystals. The faceted floral design ..

Pandora February Droplets Stud Earrings 290738sam


February birthstone stud earrings feature synthetic amethysts, linked to royalty, tranquillity and i..

Pandora Hearts Of Pandora Hoop Earrings 286318cz


Glam up your look with these chic PANDORA Rose hoop earrings, featuring contrasting clear stones and..

Pandora January Droplets Stud Earrings 290738gr


January birthstone stud earrings showcase garnets to symbolise love, safe travel and a speedy homeco..

Pandora March Droplets Stud Earrings 290738nab


March birthstone stud earrings are adorned with aqua blue crystals. The blue colour suggests the pur..

Pandora May Droplets Stud Earrings 290738nrg


May birthstone stud earrings are decorated with royal green crystals. Linked to wisdom, growth and p..

Pandora November Droplets Stud Earrings 290738ci


November birthstone stud earrings glow with citrines. These sunny gemstones are believed to bring ch..

Pandora October Droplets Stud Earrings 290738nop


October birthstone stud earrings showcase opalescent pink crystals. Their soft pink shade and irides..

Pandora Radiant Elegance Drop Earrings 280688cz


Two rose-coloured discs - circles of sparkling, bead-set stones - create a glamorous expression. The..

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