Pandora Abstract Elegance Ring 191031cz


Open-ended rings are modern takes on classic elegance. This hand-finished sterling silver ring prese..

Pandora Alluring Brilliant Marquise Ring 190940cz


Add bygone elegance to your look with PANDORA's heritage-inspired eternity ring, hand-finished from ..

Pandora Alluring Brilliant Princess Ring 190943cz


Combine the timeless appeal of classic design with on-trend stacking and a contemporary, graphic loo..

Pandora Alluring Brilliant Ring 190942cz


Perfect for stacking or wearing alone, PANDORA's hand-finished large eternity-style ring is crafted ..

Pandora Alluring Cushion Ring 191019cz


With its timeless and feminine appearance, this sterling silver ring is topped with captivating cush..

Pandora Alluring Delicate Brilliant Ring 190941cz


Stand out with the alluring brilliance of PANDORA's small sterling silver eternity ring. The classic..

Pandora April Droplet Birthstone Ring 191012rc


Chanelling the expression of water droplets on flower buds is PANDORA's sterling silver April births..

Pandora Aqua Blue Poetic Droplet Ring 190982nab


Infuse your look with a crisp, calming colour with this beautiful hand-finished ring by PANDORA. Set..

Pandora August Droplet Birthstone Ring 191012pe


The August birthstone of peridot shines brightly on this stunning sterling silver birthstone ring in..

Pandora Band Of Shimmering Leaves Ring 190923cz


A classic ring of stylised sterling silver leaves by PANDORA. The ring's continuous band of elegant ..

Pandora Beaded Wish Ring 186315


This PANDORA Rose wishbone ring showcases a tactile beaded texture in radiant blush tones. Stack it ..

Pandora Beaded Wish Ring 196315


The chevron shape is given a stylish twist thanks to this sterling silver wishbone ring and its fabu..

Pandora Blue Timeless Elegance Ring 190947nbt


A true blue crystal, faceted into an octagon shape, brings timeless sophistication to this square ha..

Pandora Blush Poetic Droplet Ring 150185nbp


Add a new must-have design to your jewellery box that conveys the aura of spring. This captivating h..

Pandora Bow Ring 180906cz


Tying a bow around your finger is a traditional way to help you remember; PANDORA’S sparkling Bow Ri..

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